Fly Business Joins Bosque Real 2023 Inner Event in Honor of Alberto Salame

In a delightful fusion of golf, camaraderie, and elegance, Fly Business proudly participated in the Bosque Real 2023 Inner Event, a week-long golf tournament held from November 25th to December 2nd. The event not only celebrated the sport but also paid tribute to the esteemed Alberto Salame, making it a special occasion for all involved.

Our dedicated Fly Business team was on-site throughout the entire tournament, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for the players. As part of our commitment to hospitality, we offered refreshing drinks to the participants, adding a touch of comfort and relaxation to their rounds.

In recognition of the competitors' skill and determination, Fly Business had the privilege of presenting the first-place winner with an exclusive empty leg flight. This personalized travel experience allows the winner the flexibility of a private flight, tailored to their preferences. Additionally, as a token of our appreciation, the victorious golfer received a professional-grade golf bag, symbolizing our admiration for their achievement and our connection to the golfing community.

Fly Business takes pride in contributing to events that embody excellence and create memorable experiences. Our involvement in the Bosque Real 2023 Inner Event reflects our ongoing commitment to enhancing gatherings with a touch of sophistication and genuine hospitality.

As we celebrate the success of this event, Fly Business looks forward to future opportunities to be part of meaningful occasions, where we can continue to combine our passion for aviation with the spirit of prestigious celebrations.